DERMO28 Aqua Travel Essentials

Love your skin also when you travel! Optimal hydration is the basis of healthy and beautiful skin. Keeping the correct level of water, allows the skin to maintain its vital functions and to restrain the ageing process. Aqua Collection, perfect for any skin type, was created for achieving a perfectly healthy and supple skin, thanks to its antioxidant and protective actions. Set includes: - Crema Acida 50ml: Perfection in one product. Its exclusive rebalancing formula is essential for anyone looking for unblemished skin. The correct skin pH enhances the natural skin defences, promoting beneficial action to prevent and diminish redness and inflammation. - Crema Soffice 30ml: An incredibly effective moisturising cream, rich in Hyaluronic Acid, essential to maintain the correct levels of hydration and suppleness. It protects from environmental aggressions and free radicals, providing an intense antioxidant action. - Emulsione Soffice 50ml: An intensive treatment for body moisture, rich in Vitamin E. Essential to prevent free radicals and to enhance cutaneous regeneration. Thanks to a synergy of specific active ingredients, it restores elasticity and guarantees an instant and long-lasting softness. Its light texture is easy to absorb. - See Through Clutch Bag.

DERMO28 Aqua Travel Essentials

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