Flair Hair Golf Visor

Ever thought you just don't look quite as cool as you could when out on the fairway? You've got the two-tone shoes, the slacks and the bag, but something's missing. What could it be? Perhaps the very unsophisticated wind-swept hair that comes with wearing your visor? Sure, it's great for keeping strays from flying in your eyes and messing up a good shot, but when you hit the bar for a celebratory (or conciliatory) pint, you don't want to whip it off only for your beloved barnet to be in disarray.  Well, worry no more, this visor has the all-in-one experience. With a rather fetching mop of hair sticking out the top, it comes in pink, black or black with a diamond print. The brown scruffy hair looks ultra realistic and ensures that your real hair won't end up all over the place! You just wait, everyone will be wearing them soon... Colour choices: Brown hair/black diamond visor, brown hair/black visor or brown hair/pink visorSize: All visors are adjustable for every head size and shape.

Flair Hair Golf Visor

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Getting Personal Flair Hair Golf Visor £12.99

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