How To Speak Droid With R2D2

You know how it is, you want your droid to perform a task for you, but you just can't communicate the message sufficiently. Darn language barrier! What to do...Such skilled starship mechanics are necessary when emergency repairs are needed on complex spacecrafts and its no use to anyone if tasks aren't being understood. How would R2D2 have repaired the Royal Starship saving Queen Amidala if they couldn't communicate with one another? Well now there is no need to worry, with this 'How To Speak Droid with R2D2' book you'll be conversing with the resourceful and spunky robot in no time. Each page acts out useful scenarios in order to learn how to train them to perform tasks. Anything from serving beverages and canapes at formal events, to diagnosing and repairing mechanical issues on an X-wing. Don't fret, it's covered! And to make it just that bit more useful, the sound module at the bottom includes 10 phrases so you can pronounce them with ease. An absolute necessity for for any R2 user, feel the force, it is strong in this one... Dimensions: H17.8 x W21 x D1.9cm

How To Speak Droid With R2D2

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