Pregnancy Stages Photo Frame

We don't need to tell you all about the stages of pregnancy. Your swollen ankles, back ache and cravings for chocolate-covered gherkins explains all there is to know. So, when you first found out you were both ecstatic, the thought of having a little version of the two of you, causing havoc and looking cute was the best possible thought. You reach the three month mark and are blissfully enjoying watching the bump grow and the days until you meet the guy inside diminishing. You've both started buying things to suit the nursery colour scheme and the grandparent's are difficult to get rid of, what with health questions being fired at you 24 hours a day. Then comes the six month stage, the bump has grown considerably and the scans show he has got your nose and his chin line... just what you hoped! You're a bit more uncomfortable, shifting three pounds around with you and the chocolate gherkins have made way for jam and cheese sandwiches. Nine months, and finally baby is fully grown and you can barely stand up, if you even have feet to stand on, you haven't seen them for four months! The anticipation of becoming parents is getting too much, the house is set and, in all honesty, you're ready to pop. The transition between finding out you're pregnant and actually giving birth, is huge. Your body goes through a lot of changes, and these are great to monitor for once the little one has arrived. A great way of documenting such a wonderful and monumental time in both your lives, this brilliant frame has a place for four separate photographs, one for the three month mark, the next for the six, and then nine, finishing with a picture of you and your brand new baby. Watch how your body changed and remember it wasn't that bad, just in case your other half asks if you want to try for another one!Frame dimensions: 17 x 9.5" (Fits a 3 x 5" photo)

Pregnancy Stages Photo Frame

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