Sneaker Socks

Do you find shoes a pain? First of all you have to find a matching pair, then you have to put them on, tie the laces and wiggle your foot around for a bit until it feels right... what an effort! Socks are so much more comfortable, like a soft blanket for your feet. No pressure, just pure relaxation for the sole. How about if you didn't have to ever wear shoes again? Don't be silly! I hear you cry. Well, these Sneaker Socks are the perfect solution for shoe-haters across the land. Boasting the design of the recognised trainer brand, no one would ever know if you decided to go shoeless. Paired with some jeans, why not break the mould and liberate yourself from the grasp of restrictive footwear?Long live sneaker socks... that's what we say! Size: 5-11Colour: Black, blue or red 

Sneaker Socks

Best Price: £5.99 from Getting Personal

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Getting Personal Sneaker Socks £5.99

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